Purple Nails With A Glittery Old Rose: Soft Side

Hello my dear readers,

even if we do not show it we all have a soft side inside us. It might be seen as common knowledge as there is a saying about a rough diamonds and a soft core but the soft side I would like to talk about in this article is the one yielding to something when actually wanting to stay consequent as you cannot resist this facade. Sink into it deeper in the following.

A heart can be heavy to suffer while telling the body to keep going and not let the fellows notice anything from the sorrow but a heart can as well be soft to yield easily not being able to resist a favor for a beloved or much cared person. Either way a heart is never stupid or weak to be this way.

“Being consequent is comparable to the first impression people get of other people”
– Fall4Me

Being consequent is comparable to the first impression people get of other people: it can be wrong. And because this is the case it is even more important to reflect and rethink about a situation and come to another conclusion. Even if this may seem paradox the paradox is mainly what creates a product of real love and the strength to allow something completely unexpected in one’s life.

My personal experience is the one allowing the color of old rose finding and establishing its place in my life up to a certain degree even though I embrace it with purple which is more commonly known on me. Yet yielding and giving in to something new or becoming weak for something because we know that staying consequent just does not feel right the way is to throw off some personal principles. Having the strength to let go of a habit when we know we have all we need right close to us.

We can yield to something opposite us but even on ourselves. What counts is that we do it at all that we do not push ourselves into the foreground. Because pushing can often have a negative outcome.

Nails done by Thanh Nails

This time the staff by Thanh nails has really given effort for my naildo. Which I have appreciated even though with the new order of the color-models you all hanging on a huge ring you nearly had no clear list over the different colors to choose. Therefore I have preferred the old order much more.

At the end a little unagreeable incident made me leave this nail studio uncontented this time and probably for the last time because of the bad service being rated over the work done itself.

Nail polish for married women
My first nail art with both my promises on my fingers (Credits: Fall4Me, 2017)
American style nail polish
Nail polish for September is an old rose with bold purple (Credits: Fall4Me, 2017)

Thanh Nails nail-studio


Love, Johanna

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