Wedding Day: FloJo 2017

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

the section all about wedding based on the experiences of my personal one is starting with the wedding itself. After all it is important to have all the information and data of the wedding itself before being aware of all around it. Therefore this article is going to introduce you to how I have had my wedding.

Fall4Me wedding rule family

The day and time of the wedding

The wedding itself took place in midsummer at the end of July. When the registrar asked us when we imagine to get married I have outed my wish it to be at August 1st – or at least close to it. She went through all the Fridays in the big book which was clear to be the calendar. Since August 1st happened to be a Tuesday she skipped it from the beginning. Later on I have understood why she has chosen that day. Since in August there was no free date after 10 am we have moved to July and found the date on July 28th for 11am.

Friday – a workday close to the weekend

The reason why Friday was chosen in the first place despite summertime without us even mentioning it was probably the popularity of that day. It is officially counted as workday but as well the beginning of the weekend and therefore a part of it. Marrying civil costs money and therefore it is cheaper to marry civil on a workday. But more about it in the next articles.

The place of marriage

We have married in the city center of the northern German capital Hamburg as well as in the registry office of the northern Hamburg district as we live in that district and luckily it had a free date during summer close to August other than the registry office in the district of Wandsbek which would have been geographically closer.

The kind of wedding

On July 28th, 2017 we have had the two major wedding ceremonies: the civil and church wedding which took place two hours after our civil wedding. The reason for that is my strict religiousness which did not allow me to not get God’s blessing for the marriage and all after that as well. The church we have married in is the Russian-Orthodox Church of John of Kronstadt in Hamburg St. Pauli close to the exhibition halls. In the end we have celebrated this special day with coffee and cake and a big family dinner in the Novotel Hamburg Alster


The amount of guests

For the wedding ceremony itself and a little celebrating dinner we did not have guests in its main sense. We have married within the circle of our closest family and the company of my photographer and good friend Anna Chojnowska as well as a close friend of my family. In total we have been 23 people – a good society. It was important to me that no friends attend to this day since I wished our families to concentrate more on each other and close a better bond since most of them have never met before as we come from different cities.

DSC03345 Kopie

The roles

Nevertheless just like all the marrying couples we have had our witnesses as well as me having my bridesmaid. We have found them in the circle of our families as our bigger siblings have been our marrying witnesses and my younger sister-in-law whom I consider and prefer to call a sister was made my bridesmaid – the best one I could wish for anyway.


Motto & Theme

Even though it has only been a wedding ceremony we have put value to create the best day of our life as a a normal wedding with everything that belongs to it. So we have had a motto and a theme.

  • The motto under which our wedding was named is put together by our names and the year of our marriage: FloJo 2017 (Florian & Johanna)
  • The theme was chosen by myself according to the wish and satisfaction of the bride: the center of the wedding as white-purple theme since purple is my most favorite color. Additional to that we have added blue as touch of the groom.


In the coming article I am going to refer more to the single points.

Love, Johanna


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