Fall4Me Wedding Special

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

welcome to my new column: the Wedding Special. I feel most happy to finally introduce it to you in my blog.

Fall4Me wedding rule 1

As the name already reveals a lot I do not want to and cannot withhold anything from you any longer – especially because at least on my last outfit-post the bold golden ring on my right finger was very well visible.
Yes, I got married this summer, to be more exact this day two months ago. This has been the reason for my silence concerning blogging during July as well as August.

The new column named “Wedding Special” exclusively by Fall4Me concerns all about my personal wedding experiences starting from my own wedding with excursuses to weddings I have been invited to and involved in until now. Apart from that there is as well a lot to learn after the wedding. Even though idealwise you get married once a lifetime hopefully but separate your wedding ceremony from the big party.

This column shall help young couples and brides to be along with the people involved to prepare for the wedding but also make it happen to be and stay in memory the best day in their life.

However there is a special rule to keep in mind: No wedding is comparable to another one.
It is simply like that since no person is comparable to another one as well.

As the day of my wedding was a Friday and officially started at 11 am save the day and time to stay tuned about another wedding-article by Fall4Me as they will be updated that day each week that time: Couples and their fellows are going to learn and be helped by my own experiences because sharing is caring and there can never be enough help especially not for such an important day and even though your mothers as experienced women might be of help each generation is different and therefore it is better to orient yourself on contemporary weddings.

Having this in mind I wish you best of fun and feelings of joy enjoying and exploring the Fall4Me Wedding Special.

Love, Johanna

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