The New Length – Pencil Skirt: Times Change

Hello dear readership,

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”, us 90s girls very well know and remember what Britney Spears has taught us – back then – little girls when she was at the age that we are now. But also us little girls have grown-up and this growth has been bringing its changes with it. In the following I am going to explain you how the extension from the mini to the pencil skirt is connected with growing up.

The first step of growing-up consists of learning some sense of responsibility and develop independence – pretty much a well-educated proper order inside out. As we grow further we are heading to self-finding with putting experiments put into practice ahead and realize that our parents – no matter how strict or “unfair” they may have seemed – always and only wanted our best. On the other side we are developping our own style and become ourselves – ones positive, ones sadly to be improved. At this stage the personal experiments of outer appearance should have stopped. Something else I have learned is that growing up is not a matter of age or similar things.

“Becoming adult does not start from a status or milestone. It starts with insight.”
– Fall4Me

But becoming adult does not start from a status or milestone. It starts with insight. So we can see sense that certain things are not made for us. Nevertheless being a grown-up adult does not exclude to bear personal ideals of common sense and good belief to give every new person and situation the chance to be the best in your life.  For what concerns a meanwhile woman like me I have realized that the short length is something I do not feel comfortable in any longer.

That insight has come because I have found my place in life and created my own world. I do not need certain things anymore therefore I have separated from other ones since they do not suit me anymore.Pencil skirt stylePencil skirt 60s styleFall4Me pencil skirt fullFall4Me pencil skirt backFall4Me pencil skirt detailFall4Me pencil skirt sideFall4Me pencil skirt phone

My Look In Details

  • Top by C&A
  • Pencil Skirt by s.Oliver Black Label
  • Shoes by Görtz
  • Bracelet by C&A
  • Lipstick by Calvin Klein
  • Watch by Dolce & Gabbana

Love, Johanna


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