Feeling Butterflies: The Pattern

Hello my beloved readers,

the world of fashion has gone through a lot of pattern: camouflage, flowers, baroque, polka dots and stars as well-known ones. Another pattern that has established since last year and found its firm place are butterflies.

Don’t lose your wings and fall in love, these are the expressions of butterflies. They are calling for freedom, the simplicity of being and the playfulness you are feeling when being in love. Love is the impulse that keeps us going, the daily dose of happiness, thankfulness, luck and blessing. Love is the fresh breeze to bring us to life anew and move mountains. The moment that makes the sorrow along with all the negativity gently fade away. This love is giving you the wings to fly to your freedom.

“Love is giving you the wings to fly to your freedom.”

That is why we have decided to wear butterflies from now on and for now. The commonly known damned seven that the year 2017 turns out to be one of the most joyful years. This year, especially this summer has an indescribable and huge love lying in the air that makes the women wearing butterflies seeing the world from a different and more positive view.

Apart from all the love butterflies are wild and impetuous beings, loving their freedom for what they will never stand still until they have it. This striving for freedom bundles a strength of goal-orientation.

Butterflies are the wild beauties that are hard to catch and therefore should not. They are going to support you and even if they seem to just want and wish, butterflies are working-hard to deserve the amusement they wish for.

Butterflies: The pattern for everyone

No matter if in black and white or color, blonde or brunette, youthful or adult. Meanwhile we find every piece of clothing for special occasions or suitable for everyday-life duties which make you feel young again and transmit the power and love they spread.

A butterfly dress in black and white.
A butterfly dress in black and white. The vesp-waist dress enchants every woman no matter in what pattern. (Credits: Fall4Me)
A stola matching the dress
A stola matching to the dress for an elegant night out. (Credits: Fall4Me)

My Look in Details

  • Butterfly pattern dress by H&M
  • Butterfly scarf by C&A
  • Pumps by Deichmann

Love, Johanna

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