Where To Eat In Hamburg #2: Another 5 Tips

Hello my beloved gourmets,

summer time is the time of holidays, city trips and visits: either you get visited or you go visiting someone – a relative or friend. These city trips sure make you tired despite all the numerous impressions and positive emotions what for you need to recharge your batteries with a smaller or bigger meal. Fall4Me is going to introduce you to another 5 places where to eat in Hamburg.

1. WonderWaffel

On behalf of Valentine’s Day and our anniversary my significant other surprised me with something we have planned long ago the weekend after: WonderWaffel. I got to know about WonderWaffel through social media – for what concerns advertising itself WonderWaffel is very alluring but – what happens to be very rare – it keeps what it promises. A fun stay and delicious waffle creations which are as delicious as they look. The most agreeable thing about this delicious meal is the colourful ambience of turquoise and pink as well as the young and dynamic staff with which you feel as if being served by your good friends. Another highlight is individual serving of the waffle creating with the names of the clients written on the plate. So five stars for WonderWaffel.

Two people can enjoy this agreeable stay for around 10,- €

One little advice: You betten have not had a meal before visiting WonderWaffel

WonderWaffel waffles for Flo and Jojo
Valentine’s day at WonderWaffel Credits: Fall4Me

2. Schweinske

Real German home cooking? For the other part of my family a highlight during their stay in Hamburg. Schweinske, from which we have as many restaurants as Mc Donald’s, is like a family meeting-point: home, simple and just like after a visit at Granny’s you’re overeaten. Thus all the simplicity in wood-design as well as low prize per meal which takes 5 € to 7 € the quality of the food is not lacking. It has furthermore every kind of meal for vegans and vegetarians as well. Even though the quality is not always the best Schweinske gets good three stars.

One negative point: if you take aim to have a night out with exotic drinks Schweinske is the wrong place to go.

One little advice: do not get scared of the pub-atmosphere from the outside first sight

Restaurants and Cafés Hamburg Schweinske
Family dinner at Schweinske Credits: Fall4Me

3. Novotel

Three mornings of feeling like royals thanks to the breakfast buffet at the Novotel Hamburg Alster – huge thanks to the event management team for the great offer!!! For less than 5 € per Person (if you book early enough) you can eat like a millionaire, from 6.30 am to 10.00 am but even if you like to sleep long and prepare yourself in peace you can arrive after the closing time and still get a fabulous meal since a big staff team is taking care of always refilling their substantial food. Well deserved five stars.

Novotel breakfast
Breakfast at Novo’s Credits: Fall4Me

4. Q-Pub

One night out under youths in a pub (Q-Pub) however too late to start a billard round. Never mind! Since you can enjoy yourself in the lounge with a snack and some drinks. Nevertheless the late time independent from the day does not justify one single staff member that obviously seems overtaxed and therefore a little bit irritated. That not enough our food and drinks were served very irregular and late. The two stars come from the delicious food.

Pizza by Q-Pub
The pizza is very recommendable. Creative compositions and very well done. Credits: Fall4Me

5. Landhaus Walter

In an area of fitness it is a common knowledge that sports make hungry. The better it is to know that the tree of the central park of Hamburg are hiding the country house Walter (Landhaus Walter). A restaurant close to the central park lake towards the planetarium. For a company that is bearing the name “Fleet” in it and has its quarter at a lake it pretty much seems a duty to have its summer party having a canoe trip with the central park lake as finish.

The Landhaus Walter was real place of refuge after the canoe trip with its embracing warmth and romantic low lights. What amazed me were the separate rooms within the big country house which made it possible for bigger groups of around 50 people to enjoy a party with a buffet that has not left any wish open of meat and fish, almost all kinds of salad and side dishes as well as last but not least popular desserts such as mousse au chocolat and vanilla pudding. What makes the country house ideal for bigger celebrations is a large parking on the forecout. On beautiful days it is possible to eat outside, too.

Some while after we have visited the Landhaus Walter once again as couple as I wanted to show my significant other the good quality of the meals. For less tan 50 € we have had very delicious burger-dishes along with drinks and a dessert. Their prizes seem very legit. Well deserved five stars.

Landhaus Walter buffet
“Without bread there is no life!”, as well as no meal at Walter’s Credits: Fall4Me
Couple dinner, burger dishes
Second time after a huge central park walk – Hamburg style. Credits: Fall4Me

Love, Johanna

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