Butterfly Maxi Dress By FashionMia: Don’t Lose Your Wings

Hello my beloved readership,

butterflies are the beauties that fly, the beauties that never lose their wings to be free even if they are prisoned in a glass they keep on flying, so how is it possible that we the humans let ourselves go and give our wings away every to something as basic as everyday-life? The butterfly maxi dress by FashionMia opened my eyes in order to remind myself: don’t lose your wings.

The everyday life is the most basic thing created by humanity as well as the probably most dangerous thing. It consists of duties, people in our life such as relatives, friends or colleagues and a daily routines that smuggles itself in us. Whether we like to do these things and follow everyday life or not, we never leave our to-do-list incomplete or undone. The first and quickly to be taken serious warning signal of dissatisfaction is the expression of aggression where we would have never expected it.

In moments like this we need to take a deep breath, count to 10 and find a more diplomatic way to express a dislike.

“A little amusement in between the duties as well belongs to a healthy everyday life.”
– Fall4Me

Nevertheless hardly anyone is even considering of thinking from another more distant point that a little amusement in between the duties as well belongs to a healthy everyday life, this can be eating outside or having a night out for one or two hours regardless of having to work the next day.

The key is simple to allow oneself a little reward once in a while – that can be a shopping-tour, a dinner or simply to make-up like you would not do every day i.e. with a butterfly chiffon maxi dress by FashionMia.

The Butterly Chiffon Maxi Dress by FashionMia

Colours and Material

The silk dress has a perfect length that is not reaching the floor but covering the ankles. The elemental colour of the dress is beige and not to mix with a very soft pink. However the butterlies have as opposite a more dominant and strong colour.

How to wear

The romantic maxi dress would in the first place probably be worn at the beach or rather seaside with as soft colors as the elemental one but if summer won’t come opposites attract just as contrasts and a rocky material mix and more strong colours in the accessories oriented on the colours of the butterflies will bring more life into the look.

Butterflies and Flowers: When two trends meet

Butterflies and flowers may have taken turns at trend but both trend-pattern flatter each other and form a perfect combination almost comparable to a pattern-mix. All you need to look out of is the size of the pattern and the colors since less still stays more at certain points.

Visit FashionMia’s web shop and discover more trends that you will not even find in the shops outside.

Butterfly maxi dress look
Credits: FashionMia
Smelling orchids
Credits: FashionMia
One foot on a stair
Credits: FashionMia
Model with orchids
Credits: FashionMia
statement necklace to the maxi dress
Credits: FashionMia
Full body look from front
Credits: FashionMia
Taken a seat
Credits: FashionMia
Top of the dress
Credits: FashionMia
The width of the dress
Credits: FashionMia

My Look in Details

  • Butterfly print chiffon maxi dress by FashionMia
  • Butterfly earrings by Iam
  • Pumps by Laura
  • Bracelet by Douglas
  • Necklace by Accessorize

Love, Johanna

One comment

  1. […] Don’t lose your wings and fall in love, these are the expressions of butterflies. They are calling for freedom, the simplicity of being and the playfulness you are feeling when being in love. Love is the impulse that keeps us going, the daily dose of happiness, thankfulness, luck and blessing. Love is the fresh breeze to bring us to life anew and move mountains. The moment that makes the sorrow along with all the negativity gently fade away. This love is giving you the wings to fly to your freedom. […]


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