Nail Art – Gamut Of Colors: Pretty Cure

Hello my dear readers,

today is going to be colorful with the pre-summer nail art. A gamut of colors as pretty cure. Bright and shiny colors such as orange and magenta are famous for lifting up the positive mood of humen. A positive mood causes a healthy mind which is going to lead to a healthy body

“We feel like we are not ourselves anymore.”
– Fall4Me

We all know about it and certainly everyone of us has found himself in the situation that something upset us and we feel like we are not ourselves anymore. Either we are less productive or one of our fellows feels that something is wrong with us because of the aura we spread unconsciously. Later on we get to realize that this negative mood is affecting our sleep, whole on-going and in the worst case the health of our body.

“It comes all from our nerves.”
– Fall4Me

It comes all from our nerves. Our nervous system directs our body as the commands to act come right from our mind. If our mind does not work for whatever reason our body is as well lost and with the our whole being since we are not able to create. Therefore do not let a negative mind eat you up. If it is necessary to lift up your mood with material things such as comedy series or bright colors of the rainbow then let it be it. Let it be it rather than sinking into an ocean of sadness and sickness. Who knows? Maybe your new reborn happiness will bring you surprises such as my nails did which confirmed me that I did a good choice with the colors.


WhatsApp Image 2017-06-08 at 12.05.38
Discovery: Shining nails in the dark

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Love, Johanna

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