Dresses By FashionMia: Wishlist

Hello my beloved readers,

today I not necessarily present you outfits or trends but some it pieces you might as well add to your wishlist: dresses by the Asian brand FashionMia. However for this wishlist I have focused on the huge variety of dresses they are providing. In particular on two certain categories of their dresses. Check out my wishlist below in the following:

Category 1: Short dresses

The first category is about formal shift dresses click here to view all of them. These kind of dresses are best worn with high heels as they mainly happen to be rather short. Even though the Athleisure trend takes aim to replace the elegant, attractive shoes with sneakers. But that is not the topic to discuss here. These dresses in their shortness apart from their varitey of styles moreover conjure sexy long and more slim seeming legs especially for short women such as myself, when they are combined with high-heels. As you are going to see in the following on the photos the dresses designed do not leave any taste or customer’s wish open with their different styles which are reaching from casual daily city-chic over nightly noble-elegance up to rocky vintage in jeans-fabrics.

Click here to view the dress
Click here to view the dress
Click here to view the dress

Category 2

The second category is about the complete opposite of the exciting short dresses. To wit maxi dresses on sale. You can check out the whole offer clicking here. The long dresses awaken the feelings of being a princess from a fairy tale to those watching, searching or even wearing these kind of dresses which are reaching to the floor. They are ideal for summer as there would be no worry that the dress gets dirty on rainy or muddy grounds. The summer breeze during a forever-to-last-seeming sunset is just completing the romance that these dresses collect in themselves. Therefore the lace fabrics and flower pattern do not offer such a huge variety as the other kind of dresses but depending on the color and structure of the dress suit to ever kind of character.

Click here to view the dress
Click here to view the dress

Love, Johanna

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