Royal Blue & White: Peace-Building

Hello my beloved readers,

today I would like to introduce you to another summer trend that has established for June. That of a strong royal blue and white. These peace-building colors will awaken positive feelings to the people passing by in a grey and monotone world

Blue is the color of the endless sky and sea. It symbolizes the distance these two elements are bearing, which is standing for human feelings of longing and calmness and furthermore a balance of trust and loyality. White is the brightest pole of colors, the brightness, the light, the untouched, the pure. Along with all the positivity they are bearing blue and white are the perfect condition for building peace.
However the kind of peace I am talking about in this context is not the political peace to be established in the world but the peace with which we can make the world a little bit better.

“We may not be able to establish peace in the world but we can make the world a little bit better with our proper actions.”
– Johanna/Fall4Me

The real peace to take place is starting with you! Or rather with your attitude. You have to bear purity inside you and love yourself to be able to love your fellows and your surroundings and not spread poison. Peace in the world is starting by swallong something down instead of throwing bad words at someone. We may not be able to establish peace in the world but we can make the world a little bit better with our proper actions. Peace can be built by good actions like making someone smile with a compliment, helping if needed and taking time and attenion. Because big peace or peace in the world is the result of many little single peaces already spread.

Peace is strongly connected with love which is leading to another functionion the colors blue and white have. They are essential colors for a bride to bear at her wedding as good luck charms and joy. Talking about wedding the wedding jewellry set by BornPrettyStore in my favorite color purple is just another addition to this perfect mix of peace, love and purity to create a new life and maintain the life existing. The life I have maintained is that of elegance and a noble young woman with this small but dominating jewellry set that has established its place in this look.


My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna

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