Black & White Striped Pants: Before It Was Cool

Hello to the best readership,

the trend of the strict abstract black and white stays for the hot season. However we move from a look of sporty elegance to a cool mix of rock and party.  This party in summer is celebrated with black and white striped pants and has already been before it was cool

Stripes are as much an essential as a gamout of gaudy colors or neon colors for summer. If you rather are a person that prefers it discreet or black you are never wrong with stripes. For a little colorful accent red or rather red lips are the best choice within these starkest contrasts. In addition the mood of feeling as if in an old-time black and white movie can be risen. So, considering that this trend rather is a summer-essential it cannot actually be called a trend.

“You do not need to prove anything to anyone at any time!”
— Fall4Me

We meet this kind of incidents pretty often in everyday life. Something that is somehow a natural part of our life suddently gets boosted or rather revived by someone and we – those who are taking this trend for granted start to feel old because we have celebrated – if not the first then at least – the second revival of this trend. Apart from that the one or other of us may feel like proving that this trend has already been celebrated and finished by having been established. Let me tell those of you this: You do not need to prove anything to anyone at any time! You know it and you know it better because by now you can do it with your eyes closed in the dark. Who are those attention-seekers hungry for more or lacking of confirmation in their life to push themselves in front of you with something you can do better by miles? You have one witness, above, and this is all you need to stand strong and tall with your position. Instead of freaking out and being angry that someone is gaining the attention with your thing just make sure to not lose the love and your personal quality of it and continue your party.

We did it before it was cool: Piret Järvis from Vanilla Ninja, Marie Vaigla from Frankie Animal and Polina Gagarina.


My Look in Details:

  • Blouse from Adagio by Karstadt
  • Striped pants by H&M
  • High heels from Akira by Görtz17
  • Sunglasses by Carrera
  • Chain necklace & earrings by SIX
  • Bracelet by Douglas
  • Watch by Wempe
  • Lipstick by P2

Love, Johanna

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