Instagram Photo-Diary: 5 Favorite Restaurants & Cafés in Hamburg #1

Moin moin, dear readers! As we like to say in the Hanseatic metropolis Hamburg.

Before we come to today’s article I sincerely want to apologize to everyone who is suffering from a constant hunger for what is going to come. Because we are going culinary and it is going to be very delicious with the first Instagram photo-diary on Fall4Me Official (Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan): meet my personal five favorite restaurants and cafés in Hamburg for the first half of this year.

That ahead it is important to mention that the order of the restaurants is in no significant ranking. The criteria what makes the cafés and restaurants following places I like to come back to is the prize and, in addition to this, the relation of the prize to the amount of the food, connected to that as well the quality of the food, the cleanness of the place, the kindness of the staff and last but not least the comfort to sit.

5 Favorite Places to Sit and Enjoy in Hamburg:

  1. L’Osteria | Pizza E Pasta
    Located close to the city center there are two of them: one close to the Dammtor station and the other one at the market square of Winterhude (Winterhuder Marktplatz). We have visited the second one. For less than 25 Euros we have enjoyed half pizzas that have been prepared as one whole however with different tastes. I have chosen a barbecue pizza with chicken and my significant other has chosen the so called Capricciosa taste which consists of shoulder ham, fresh cremini [mushrooms], artichokes, olives and cheese.
    To make the evening of our couple-Sunday more special we have taken a beer for the man and a Hugo for the lady. Only the half of the pizza, which was freshly but pretty quickly prepared right in front of your eyes in the stone oven of an open kitchen, was as big as one whole pizza – even bigger than that – you get to buy at fast food restaurants.
    The restaurant was pretty dark inside which spoke for a romantic atmosphere. The mood however got swinging with exciting Salsa music which was nevertheless not too loud. The only negative point was probably that there was too less staff for such a big and much visited restaurant.
    The conclusion: A romantic place for couples or rather a double-date. 5 stars!
  2. Balzac Coffee
    Among the numerous Balzac Coffees all over Hamburg we have used the very sunny however pretty windy Whitsun Sunday to visit the one located in the neighborhood called Eppendorf. What makes Balzac Coffee special is that they other than Starbucks pay taxes in Germany and use Fair Trade coffee (for the politically interested ones). Nevertheless for less than 15 Euros we enjoyed a sweet snack and opened the summer coffees of Mocha and Cookie Frappé officially outside with a view to the all over the center of Eppendorf containing the markets, river and nature. Even though the subway station was close we hardly noticed its noise. What is good about Eppendorf on Sundays is that it is not overly filled with the crowd and rather calm and idyllic.
    One can not complain about the huge size of the Frappés however the sweet sounding Cookie Frappé was only made special with the Oreo cookie on it. Otherwise it was not sweet at all but rather tasted like coffee and ice. The Mocha Frappé however was very delicious with the additional chocolate sauce.
    Balzac Coffee has a big choice of different cakes – my waffle was made warm and added icing sugar once again. They may not look alluring but they tasted very hearty.
    The conclusion: You should be familiar with the offers of Balzac Coffee to enjoy your meal. 3 stars!
    003 (2)
  3. Ciao Mamma!
    Thirsty while walking through the Hamburg harbour anniversary? Instead of spending exaggerately much money at the stands or in the high-carat restaurants in the expensive Harbor City (Hafen City – Hamburg’s newest built neighborhood right at the harbor) you will find among them the Ciao Mamma restaurant with a super warm-hearted and charmingly funny staff which gave us a beautiful seat at the window from where we could admire the AIDA ship. Since the budget allowed it we as well took Bruschetta as a little snack which could very well be separated into two. We still stayed unter 15 Euros.
    The conclusion: A very agreeable stay in a very clean restaurant. 4 stars!
  4. Enjoy Coffee Bar
    This coffee bar has become my new meeting-point. Why? Because apart from the very central location right next to the central station you get two big delicious coffees with a little Italian cookie for just a little bit more than 5 Euros – adapted to that one drink costs under 3 Euros. Whether you meet there for an important appointment or relaxed talk the café on big expanse gives its guests a good feeling of not being disturbed by other guests since the choice of seat is very versatile and big.
    The aspect that the café is located in the back streets of the city center is positive and negative because on the one hand it gets not overcrowded but on the other hand you feel safer getting to there and back home with a company.
    The conclusion: not the best location and lack of food but a place to always go back to. 4 stars!
  5. Double Coffee
    Double Coffee is almost as widespread as Balzac Coffee. But other than Balzac Coffee Double Coffee – as its name says – has a continuous special offer of two coffees for the prize of one. Apart from that you do not need to like or drink coffee to enjoy your stay there since there is a variety of tea and fruity smoothies which are called Lassi.
    I mostly visit Double Coffee when I am at the campus of university but unfortunately many other students have an as good taste which is why it is often very crowded and noisy.
    The conclusion: Low prizes but not always the most agreeable place. 3 stars!

Already hungry? Need a place to talk? Want to surprise your significant other with a special date? Go ahead!

Love, Johanna

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