The Mesh-Shirt: What You Make Of It

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

May has ended but not the last week of it or rather the weekend – counting the long Whitsun weekend right at the beginning of June. Therefore it is not too late to introduce another May trend – especially because the fantastic midsummer-like weather has turned a little bit fresher again: that of the mesh-shirt. What you make of it or rather how I made it was to not give up on this trend despite outer influences and lack of time

The mesh-shirt: blessing with a little curse in one item. It is a noble, elastic shirt that mainly has pattern on it which makes it an elegant eye-catcher on a casual look. Its lavish fabric makes it an appropriate expensive item even though you have to beware that this mesh fabric needs to be washed after being worn once. Nevertheless the light, elastic piece of clothing does not crease at all so you can as my mother calls it “wash it and wear it”. The mesh shirt is nothing for a sensitive skin. It is light but it is holding you tight. So make sure to always have a jacket with you or not to wear it at too hot temperatures.

“Wash it and wear it”
— Fall4Me’s mother

Complicated? Recognize yourselves! Or rather your life, if we knew back then what we know now we would have been more clever to do it better. Your future is what you make of it. That ahead so is your present. The catch in all this is that human realization sadly always comes when it seems too late. But it is never to late to stop for a moment and change the course. That second of change when you did not believe to actually do it differently, do it better or – in my case – actually do it can seem a whole hour to you…

…or like a waterdrop that can be louder than any cry. This is what we make of it when we change big things with little actions. When we make little things eye-catchingly visible and when we see a spark in the dark. This is best symbolized with the waterdrop jewellery set by BornPrettyStore. Its strong royal blue embraced by gold makes it look very noble worthy to be worn with the elegant mesh-shirt. Even though the jewellery seems to sink into the look of gold-brown the waterdrops with their bold color stand out against my thick long hair and the pattern of the mesh-shirt.



My Look In Details:

  • Mesh shirt by Oui
  • Water drop shape jewellery set by BornPrettyStore
  • Pants by Betty Barclay
  • Ankle boots by C&A
  • Watch by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Handbag by Lauren Ralph Lauren
  • Bracelet by I am
  • Lipstick “Suggest Honey” by P2

Love, Johanna

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