Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Semi-Final 1: Review

Hello Europe!

On Tuesday May 9th, the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has launched in the Ukraine capital Kyiv under the motto “Celebrate Diversity”. The domain of this blog may have changed and also I may lack of time – which is why I am late with the articles – but the tradition remains as well for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 semi-final 1: read the review below.

  1. Sweden – Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”: The good-looking suits were a positive eye-catcher. He had a modern pop song and with the way he was holding his hand he might set a new meme-trend (at least it has the potential). Nevertheless it was too mainstream and too pink for my taste. What Ice found refined however was that his hobby of sports on stage was found on stage as treadmill.

  2. Georgia – Tamara Gatchetchiladze “Keep The Faith”: Her coolness-factor has already been 10+++ with super sunny soul towards fellow contestants, journalists and fans, that makes her very sympathetic! I very much appreciate her additional talent of having written her song by herself. I have been shivering during her whole performance from the dramatic beginning already! She has a strong and impressive voice which she can control at different levels! Stage as well as her dress were amazing and passionate!
  3. Australia – Isaiah “Don’t Come Easy”: The sympathy had already risen on his introduction since he reminds me of one of my theorists for my thesis with his name. The young man has such a great voice! Even though it was mainstream the song was touching and moreover a good and refined song with a beautiful melody. Last but not least the song was suitable to be a Disney-song, most probably it reminded me of the “Lion-King”.
  4. Albania – Lindita “World”: She presented a nice song but a disappointment rose within me since she firstly announced to sing in Albanian but was caught ending up in English. On the whole she was not as outstanding as the competition: neither the dress nor her facial impression were the best. However her stage was pretty.
  5. Belgium – Blanche “City Lights”: Another talent who has written her song on her own. Her voice is just WOW! Since one would not expect such a deep voice from a tender person like she is one. Her hair was not well done at all but the stage was so cool and futuristic! A discreet but outstanding song for all indie or alternative fans!
  6. Montenegro – Slavko “Space”: He had a cool retro song but his outfit was absolutely not my taste at all. I understand he is a dancer but the dance was a touch too much.
  7. Finland – Norma John “Blackbird”: A great duo, just like Iceland in 2012, of high class! The song was truly beautiful but probably a little bit too dull for Eurovision.
  8. Azerbaijan – Dihaj “Skelettons”: A very beautiful, dramatic and memorable song from a very cool BGal (the expression for ‘bad girl’). However this girl has an unexpectedly beautiful and cute light voice.
  9. Portugal – Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”: Doubtlessly a beautiful, romantic song but no more.
  10. Greece – Demy “This Is Love”:  Demy is one of the most beautiful girls in Eurovision, doubtlessly! (Not only because I think she has similarities with one of my best friends who has Greek roots). She does sing well but she gets weak at too deep and high tones. Nevertheless I very much liked the impulsive, strong song – simply typically Eurovision – which I missed up to that point.
  11. Poland – Kasia Mos “Flashlight”: Once again I can give a point to someone who has written her song on her own. With Kasia you really felt the American influence she has had during her career, especially with her great voice. Her song was just as refined and dramatic. I would have suggested her to wear a strong red lipstick, otherwise she looked too naked on stage.
  12. Moldova – SunStroke Project “Hey Mamma!”: My secret favorites of the semi-final 1. They were wearing perfect outfits of black and white suits. Apart from being my favorites they are as well Eurovision-darlings – especially the Epic Sax Guy who set new cult.
  13. Iceland – Svala “Paper”: A disappointing act. Her dress was too open at the decoltée. Also she has a squeaky voice not agreeable at all. The song itself was o.k.
  14. Czech Republic – Martina Barta “It’s My Turn”: My birthday-twin. She chose a fantastic golden outfit (the readers of this blog know that we have foible towards golden outfits among others from Dorothee Martin). Martina has a beautiful, deep voice and very refined song: her singing was rhythmic but on the other hand it held a beautiful calm melody.

  15. Cyprus – Hovig “Gravity”: The song was very familiar in its melody nevertheless it is cool just like the singer itself (who has Armenian roots by the way) who is very sympathetic. The magic of the stage was absolutely breath-taking.
  16. Armenia – Artsvik “Fly With Me”: Like I have already said on my official Facebook-musician-page: The song is bearing a continuous calmness which is fitting very well to Artsvik’s soul-voice and in addition leads its audience to concentrate on the value of the lyrics but the music is fast and rhythmic – a very ingenious song!
    The whole stage and dance reminded me of the Asian culture but it is bearing the Armenian heir that just shows how much we all are connected and equal already in our roots! What I very much liked was the she sounded the best life just like in her music video.
  17. Slovenia – Omar Naber “On My Way”: A dark but even more beautiful stage and outfit from Omar! He was literally shining in black and is just as a sympathetic guy as he looked, smiling during the whole song. The song itself was a bit mainstream but I agree with the German ARD commentator Peter Urban that this song has musical and Disney potential which the talented song-writer and producer should (according to me) really consider!
  18. Latvia – Triana Park “Line”: A scary song at the end. The outfit was too crazy and the voice was not outstanding at all in a positive way. On the whole a dull song.

After this review these would have been my ten finalists in their neutral running order:
Czech Republic

One should think that I should be contented with the first show but I am still mourning for real talents such as the ones marked red who belonged to the strongest acts of the night. Have a quick recap of the songs to understand what I mean. Would you agree?

Now let us enjoy the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest!

Love, Johanna

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