Welcome to Fall4Me on WordPress!

Hello beautiful people,

I am happy to welcome you at my blog’s new home.

Welcome back and welcome to Fall4Me on WordPress. With that you are invited to save the link: www.Fall4MeOfficial.wordpress.com. At the first sight you might have noticed some changes but as well surely recognized some old friends – with that I mean just among others the header of my blog and the name. On this behalf I would like to remember you the meaning of the name Fall4Me: it means get to know me, do not just admire the photos and looks but read the articles in which I am sharing my deepest and most private thoughts with you. One of my closest friends recently said that she really loves how I am able to relate my personal experiences with my perspectives in fashion. I believe that this must be connected with my personal traits that on the one hand I believe in destiny and on the other hand I hold the opinion that my sense for trends is a matter of feels – I get inspired by what is lying in the air and my surroundings.

What is new about Fall4Me on WordPress?

After this little field trip I want to name the new features about Fall4Me on WordPress in the following:

  • the domain – as I moved from Blogspot to WordPress
  • categories – from now on you can find articles in this blog even easier within their categories apart from the already existing archive
  • one sidebar – for you to concentrate better on what for you have come to this blog
  • new header – I cherish the quality as well as the popularity of former header’s shooting a lot but I have to admit that it was taken by a false friend and keeps reminding me of the feelings I was holding for someone not worthy therefore I wanted a header that was newer and taken by my new, main photosgrapher (who could that be?) yes, you got it, my fiancé the adoptive father of this blog
  • continue reading – this feature was suggested by my older sister-in-law with whom I have in detail talked about the improvement of my blog. She said that this feature makes visiting and reading my blog more agreeable, I hope you will agree with her

These are the major changes and stays to mention so far. You are invited to take my hand and discover more and join me on my continuing journey in here.


Love, Johanna

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